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Accommodation at University of Worcester

I’m Judith Bick and I’m the deputy residential services manager at the University of Worcester. One of my responsibilities is to allocate our accommodation that we have here and make sure that our students are happy.Once they’re living in our accommodation here and also to help source and manage accommodation off campus for our students.…

By Stanley Isaacs November 10, 2019 2

Mature students at York – Colleges

The college system here at York is a way of turning a big University of 18,000 students into several smaller communities. It means that you’re part of a smaller, supportive, inclusive community. What we do is essentially support students. So, you’ve got a well-being team and staff in college at all times. We also run…

By Stanley Isaacs October 24, 2019 0

Should College Be Free?

President Obama wants to give Americans two free years of community college, in part to help boost the economy. Critics argue that the country is already in a huge amount of debt and can’t afford such a program. They also question the effect that this plan will have on the economy. So, what value does…

By Stanley Isaacs October 20, 2019 100