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Teaching Children To Snowboard: Part 3

This snowboard video will give you tips on teaching kids to snowboard I’ve been talking to my brother about taking his kids out snowboarding, but they live in Phoenix, Arizona We finally got the chance with the great early conditions this Thanksgiving to go up onto the slopes My boys went out with their cousins…

By Stanley Isaacs February 8, 2020 0

TCUP: A STEM Workforce for the Future

[♪♪] Carol Davis: We could major in STEM fields, we could bring these careers to the reservations and we could fill vacancies on our reservations and bring economic development. Carrie Duafala: The funding that comes in with these programs brings jobs into an area where we need more jobs. Elmer Guy: We believe STEM programs…

By Stanley Isaacs February 4, 2020 1