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The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips

Time for school And it’s no surprise that many of us are determined to study smarter instead of longer But which study tips and tricks actually work scientifically, and can help you get those perfect grades First step, research shows that study sessions are most effective in small short chunks Instead of cramming in a…

By Stanley Isaacs September 2, 2019 0

Best Tip About Going to College

I think the best tip about college life that I can uh…give uh current high school students is… Take all the different classes that you want to take. …know that you’re going there for a reason… If you have the opportunity to meet people, take that opportunity and run with it. You never know what…

By Stanley Isaacs August 27, 2019 0

Top 10 Tips for College Success

Do you ever feel like college is overwhelming and you don’t know how to improve your academic performance? Well today we are going to go over our top ten tips for succeeding in college. Hi, I’m Peter from the Northampton Community College Learning Center. Where our mission here is to promote independent learning and help…

By Stanley Isaacs August 20, 2019 1