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Introduction To Machine Learning, Deep Learning & YOLO | Including Demo With Raspberry Pi – DIY #36

Today, computers are starting to understand more about the world around us. From enabling face recognition, self-driving cars and even computers that are on the verge of outperforming doctors when it comes to diagnosing illnesses and cancers. All this is possible through machine learning, in particular deep learning which together are sometimes referred to as…

By Stanley Isaacs January 26, 2020 2

Parents Try School Lunches

– Get ready for that puke shot. (upbeat music) – I’m definitely not a nutritionist, but I care about what my kids eat and what I eat. – We get a calendar every month that lists the breakfast and lunch that she gets at school, and it looks good. – I remember the cafeteria lunches…

By Stanley Isaacs January 23, 2020 100