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The Struggle of Being Gay in Albania

arfafgeg Up until the mid 90’s, if you’re openly gay in Albania you’ll be sent to prison. Our greek colleagues travelled to Albania and met with homosexuals who’ve suffered from bigotry and violence as a part of life in one of the Europe’s most homophobic countries. This is “Gay Albania”. I was starting this in…

By Stanley Isaacs December 8, 2019 100

Teacher tips 2: Practical strategies

There are some practical and very simple things that teachers can do to help the child with SLI in the classroom It’s really important to create an environment where asking for help is seen as a positive thing and to really encourage the children and praise them when they do seek help when they’re not…

By Stanley Isaacs December 8, 2019 0

Odysseyware Spotlight: Falls Career High School

>>GAGE: I started here in August this semester. >>COBLY: I’ve been here for about, seven months. >>DEBORAH: I’ve been here about few months now, almost three.>>About three months. >>JAHDAY: I’ve been to school since the middle end of august. >>STEPHANIE: So about two years total.>>GAGE: And so far, It’s probably the best schooling system that…

By Stanley Isaacs December 6, 2019 0