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Alumni brewery hops into life

[Music] I did an MSc course in Brewing and Malting and Brewing Science and it was part of the University of Birmingham’s Biochemistry department. It was a really enjoyable year it was a lot of really hard work but quite a lot of enjoying the end product and visiting lots of local breweries. It was…

By Stanley Isaacs March 13, 2020 0

Oregon State University: College of Engineering Majors Video

My name is Faisal Albassam, and I came from Saudi Arabia specifically to study Industrial Engineering at OSU. Industrial Engineers are efficiency experts, with skill sets in statistical analysis, interpersonal communication, design, planning and problem solving. You’ll find Industrial Engineers implementing processes to decrease wait time in emergency rooms, designing DisneyLand’s fast-passes, and customizing flight…

By Stanley Isaacs March 13, 2020 0