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Agriculture Engineering Career and Opportunities – Field Salary Career Colleges by BrainChecker

Hey there welcome to the YouTube channel of BrainChecker, India’s largest career counseling company, if you love our content and wish to remain updated please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon for instant updates. The career we will be discussing today is agriculture engineering. Our entire video would be divided into five…

By Stanley Isaacs November 6, 2019 15

The launch of the new IMD Digital Competitiveness Rankings

We are extremely happy this year to be launching for the first time the IMD Digital Competitiveness Rankings. In these rankings we are trying to assess the ability of nations to support, through institutions, regulations, infrastructure, the digital transformation of businesses. That’s, to us, extremely important because today we’re talking about digital transformation, but digital…

By Stanley Isaacs October 26, 2019 0

What is Singularity University?

We are predicting the future by creating it ourselves. It’s a magical time. Male Voiceover: A lot has happened in the last hundred years. -: Our intuition about the future is linear. -: But today the world is global and exponential. -: Your smartphone is actually billions of times more powerful per dollar than the…

By Stanley Isaacs October 24, 2019 16