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Introducing Teach Mode

We’ve made some exciting new changes to Stile. Our new ‘Teach Mode’ is designed to super-charge your teaching in the classroom and make it even easier to track student progress, provide targeted and effective feedback and enhance collaboration. Teach Mode will make it easier to use Stile as a blended learning tool in your classroom.…

By Stanley Isaacs January 24, 2020 0

Korean streamer teaching chat how to get sick days off! – HAchubby’s English Academy

Let’s go chat, HaChubby’s English academy [Teacher Jingle] Today, English academy, [Teacher Jingle] yay, very very…very cheap academy [Teacher jingle] but high quality, [Teacher jingle] so students you not sleep please today… [Teacher jingle] ..because you go to the…good study English Thank you One step: What you can say when you ask someone to take…

By Stanley Isaacs January 22, 2020 100