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Learning The TYME Iron (EASY)

(lively electronic music) – Forget everything you’ve learned about curling, and just start with the TYME Iron basics. You want to make sure you pick up the iron with your thumb behind the light. You want to make sure you understand that this is the guide side, and this is the straightening side. When curling…

By Stanley Isaacs January 16, 2020 0

SUB)세련된 가르마 동안 여자숏컷 how to cut short round graduation cut 숏컷여자 리프컷 ㅎㅓ쉬컷 | 마스터콴

welcome to master kwan channel i’m going to show you one of korean trend short hairstyle please enjoy my haircut take ear to ear section and back section as shown take horizontal section and cut square outline use same section and follow head shape when reach to ear top stop elevation cut graduation same cutting…

By Stanley Isaacs November 16, 2019 0