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EC Sydney | Teacher Testimonial, Sonia

I think students should consider coming to EC, because it’s a wonderful environment. People are very friendly here. Very helpful. It’s a very welcoming place. Teachers really care about the students and their progress in English. And it’s just a great place to study. I get to meet students from all over the world, get…

By Stanley Isaacs March 12, 2020 1

Kami for Remote Learning

As school closures increase due to the coronavirus outbreak, more educators are planning and preparing for ways to implement remote learning for their students. We want to help! If you’re looking for universally accessible tools to learn create and collaborate, there’s Kami! To get, started open a file from Google Drive… Upload one from your…

By Stanley Isaacs March 11, 2020 0

Learning Commons: Presentation Media Rooms

[Music plays] The Library’s Learning Commons is a space for video presentation and group collaboration. Students can reserve one of the three presentation media rooms at the front desk. Students can reserve a room for one-hour per day. Students will need a flash drive in order to record their presentations. A blank flash drive is…

By Stanley Isaacs March 8, 2020 0