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It’s On Us: Austin Community College

>>At Austin Community College,>>we are 40,000 plus students.>>Yet, when we hear that 1 in 5 women>>and 1 in 16 men>>are sexually assaulted in college,>>we want to stand up and take action.>>It’s on us.>>It’s on us.>>To say something.>>It’s on us.>>It’s on us.>>To be more than a bystander.>>It’s on us.>>It’s on us.>>All of us.>>To be there for…

By Stanley Isaacs August 17, 2019 0

Stanford University Campus Tour

>>[music] Stanford University. [music]>>My name is Christian. I’m a junior, majoring in Political Science.>>I’m Karen Scribner, a senior majoring in Human Biology.>>Welcome to Stanford. >>Our tour begins at Stanford Stadium, home to Cardinal football. Stanford Stadium was completed in 2006 and holds 50,000 football fans. This is the oval. We’ve got the palm-lined sweep Palm…

By Stanley Isaacs August 16, 2019 100