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Is Your Student Debt Worth It?

– As of today, it is $35,932.32. (energetic music) – I have about 20,000 dollars in debt. – Roughly 30,000 dollars in student debt. – Between 65,000 and 70,000. (energetic music) – I struggle with that. – Would I say that I think people should pay the amount of money that I paid? Absolutely not.…

By Stanley Isaacs January 1, 2020 15

Don’t Pay Your Student Loans

Fuck. Ugh, my fucking student loans. (off screen) Don’t pay your student loans. Wha.. what? Don’t pay your student loans. Do something fun with the money instead. I have to pay my student loans. Why? What’s really going to happen if you don’t? It’ll hurt my credit score, for one. Who gives a fuck about…

By Stanley Isaacs December 4, 2019 2