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Silence U: Is the University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate? | We the Internet Documentary

[MAN] “Can I just make a suggestion? Can we just have a conversation?” [VOICES] No! The problem that they’re having is hetero-sexual white males have always dominated the space. [MAN] I’m actually gay. [VOICES] Well, homosexual white males are like the top of the hierarchy.” [music] [ROB] This is Brown University, the elite Ivy League…

By Stanley Isaacs October 17, 2019 100

President Obama at Michigan Commencement

Speaker: Through your achievements and your words, you’ve inspired and encouraged our nation to become a more perfect union. In these difficult times, you have challenged us to open our minds and work together to reach common ground. Your life exemplifies the power of education to create new opportunities and to offer significant contributions to…

By Stanley Isaacs October 13, 2019 0