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Your Tomorrow | Michigan State University

(inspiring piano music) – [Don Gonyea] Tomorrow, it starts here. Your years at Michigan State will shape the rest of your tomorrows in ways you can’t imagine now and won’t fully realize until later. So while you’re here, try something new. Figure out what you like, what you don’t, then decide what you love, and…

By Stanley Isaacs October 19, 2019 5

The Nation’s Pioneer Land-Grant University | Michigan State University

– [Narrator] In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed a bill that revolutionized higher education in America, a revolution that started with Michigan State University. (upbeat music) In 1855, the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan, now known as Michigan State, was founded as the first US institution of higher education to teach scientific agriculture.…

By Stanley Isaacs October 17, 2019 1