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WE’RE MOViNG OUT! | Going to College

– We got our suitcases packed for the next two days, everything’s coming apart, we’re officially moving out, this is weird. – So I’m on my way to pick up the moving truck. – Hear the thunder, it hasn’t stopped pouring rain, everyone’s running around everywhere, it’s mass chaos, but I guess that’s the joy…

By Stanley Isaacs October 10, 2019 100

Freshman Year Survival Guide

If you look up “freshman advice” on YouTube, you’re gonna get a lot of these beauty gurus telling you all these nice, uplifting bits of insight. The thing is though: they’re beauty gurus. They all look way too good to be giving practical advice for most kids. High school was a cakewalk for them. They…

By Stanley Isaacs September 1, 2019 25