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Teaching Lessons Online with VZ-R

[Music] Want to share your lesson and materials online? [Music] Consider getting an IPEVO VZ-R document camera. Along with our free visualizer app. You can set up live streaming inside the software and with a click of a button stream live through youtube or any other live broadcasting service. Or go for the one on…

By Stanley Isaacs March 11, 2020 0

Teaching Music Online with IPEVO VZ-R

[Music] Want to try teaching music online? Give the IPEVO VZ-R a try. With a web conferencing software like zoom. Just plug VZ-R into your laptop, setup the camera, and inside zoom launch a meeting while selecting VZ-R as your camera. You can readjust the camera with ease, thanks to a swiveling head and arm.…

By Stanley Isaacs March 2, 2020 0

Hutch Graduation 2019

Being able to go through something like this, with other people who are sharing the same experience as you is invaluable. Not doing it alone is invaluable, and yes I do want to thank Hutch. I do want to thank Fearless but… I really want to thank my cohort members, I wouldn’t have been able…

By Stanley Isaacs January 2, 2020 0