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Cheryl and Morgan: Learning Independence

[MUSIC AND CHEERING] PAULINE: Morgan was diagnosed with her learning disability at four years old. So that was pre-k, kindergarten. When she was diagnosed it was overwhelming. So I started researching. Everything that I found was just, she’ll never ride a bike, she’ll never do this, she’ll never do that. It’s just devastating. CHERYL OAKES:…

By Stanley Isaacs January 23, 2020 0

Meet Kinzie: GED Graduate

Hi I’m Kinzie. I’m from Wisconsin and I’m a GED graduate. Around the age of 12 we lived in Las Vegas, Nevada and at the time my mom was a pretty heavy alcoholic so she kind of wanted to go and live her own life. So I moved around because my mom just loved being…

By Stanley Isaacs January 17, 2020 1