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App State Alternative Service Experience

Every spring, roughly 250 Appalachian State students leave the mountains of North Carolina to spend their spring break, NOT on a beach or absorbing hours of Netflix, but serving communities around the nation. This Alternative Spring Experience, or A-S-E, has groups of App students providing volunteer service with a focus on sustainability, social justice issues,…

By Stanley Isaacs October 24, 2019 0

Benjamin Franklin and the Franklin College

I teach Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, his memoir I usually call it, almost every year to undergraduates and graduate students at the University. And whenever I start teaching that book I always ask them what they know about Benjamin Franklin. They know the usual things: lightning, and the experiments with lightning; some of them will know…

By Stanley Isaacs October 23, 2019 0

Year in Review – Pepperdine (2018)

(inspirational orchestral music) – [Narrator] When we look to the stars, it’s hard not to ponder life’s big questions. But what we’re searching for aren’t simple answers. What we seek is something far greater. – Over the coming decades, I just promise you the world will be looking for answers. – There’s only one way…

By Stanley Isaacs October 20, 2019 4