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KF SSI Education – Private Weekly Agriculture Teaching Workshops

The Keshe Foundation is extending an invitation to experienced farmers agricultural specialists and researchers, to apply to the Foundation’s private weekly agriculture teaching workshops. If you fall into one of these categories and are interested in Plasma Technology integration into agriculture, You’re invited to apply! Scientists and agricultural practitioners of the Keshe Foundation continually develop…

By Stanley Isaacs January 20, 2020 0

Interview with Even Oldridge | Applied Research, Top Down Learning & Fast.ai | NVIDIA & Rapids.ai

Sanyam Bhutani: Hey, this is Sanyam Bhutani and you’re listening to “Chai Time Data Science”, a podcast for Data Science enthusiasts, where I interview practitioners, researchers, and Kagglers about their journey, experience, and talk all things about data science. Hello, and welcome to another episode of the data science show. In this episode, I interview…

By Stanley Isaacs January 18, 2020 1

This Physics Teacher’s Wild Classroom Antics Have Made Him A Viral Sensation

– [laughing) Physics is a tough subject to learn, but not for students at Tidewater Community College in Virginia. Their professor went vital for his crazy and outlandish classroom experiments. Take a look. (swish) – One, two, three (fizzing then inhaling) – [Female] Oh. (laughs) – (mumbles) One, two, three (scrapping on floor) (laughing) (bangs)…

By Stanley Isaacs January 17, 2020 10