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4 Awesome Discoveries You Probably Didn’t Hear About – Episode 35

Wildfire cocktail, electronic tattoos, chill dinosaurs, and office polluters! It’s 4 Awesome Discoveries You Probably Didn’t Hear About. These engineers have figured out a way to print electronics onto virtually any surface in a single step, at much lower temperatures. The first truly electronic tattoos! The silver nanowire ink can move and bend without breaking…

By Stanley Isaacs October 21, 2019 0

How Large is the Universe?

The universe has long captivated us with its immense scales of distance and time. How far out does it stretch? Where does it end, and what lies beyond the star fields and the streams of galaxies that extend as far as telescopes can see? These questions are beginning to yield to a series of extraordinary…

By Stanley Isaacs October 19, 2019 0