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Why School Buses Are Yellow

Consider the school bus. It could be painted literally any color: pink, bright green, orange, or even zebra-print. I like zebra print! So, why pick yellow? Is it because it’s a cheerful hue that makes kids happy to go to school? See the kid’s faces? I don’t think so. The main reason for picking yellow…

By Stanley Isaacs November 25, 2019 100

NEBOSH Graduation and Awards Ceremony 2017

welcome to everybody to this NEBOSH graduation of 2017 diploma holders families and friends it’s my pleasure to celebrate with you today congratulations to everyone who has achieved a NEBOSH qualification well done wonderful to see over 300 successful students and their families and friends here taking shared pride in their achievements thanks for inviting…

By Stanley Isaacs October 27, 2019 6

An Introduction to Health and Safety at the University of Washington

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: The University of Washington is committed to academic excellence through education and innovative research. The university educates more than 55,000 students annually, and more than 40,000 faculty and staff lead and support the success of our institution. In Washington State alone, our employees span three campuses and dozens of additional remote…

By Stanley Isaacs October 11, 2019 0