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CAREERS IN BA ECONOMICS WITH CA – Graduates, Econometrics,CPT,ICAI,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

Hi guys..This is Pooja from Freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in BA Economics with CA Pursuing Bachelors of arts in economics along with CA is in itself a great challenge. This is because both have altogether different requirements to complete. Though…

By Stanley Isaacs January 10, 2020 10

Bristol Veterinary School – student experience

My name’s Tom Cook, I’m 22, and I’ve just completed my final year at Bristol Veterinary School on the course of Veterinary Science. The programme’s split into pre-clinical, which is the first three years based in Bristol, mostly in the Veterinary Centre here at Southwell Street and with one day a week at Langford. There’s…

By Stanley Isaacs January 8, 2020 0

The Future of Deep Learning Research

Hello world it’s Suraj and what is the future of deep learning? That’s the topic for today? Inspired by something that Geoffrey Hinton recently said this talk is gonna be divided into three parts. I’m gonna talk about how backpropagation works what the most popular deep learning algorithms are right now and Finally seven research…

By Stanley Isaacs January 5, 2020 71