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AMAZING: Watch How a Primary School Teacher Persuade Putin To Change Russia’s Law On Education!

Viktoria Smirnova, teacher of elementary school No. 41, the city of Cherepovets. – What do you teach? – I work as a primary school teacher… – So, primary school. Yes, elementary school. That is, there are currently not enough teachers in the city’s schools. This problem is especially acute when vacancies appear in the middle…

By Stanley Isaacs February 5, 2020 98

Features of the Armstrong Student Center

When the architects visited Miami, spoke to our students about what they would inside the Armstrong Student Center, they were impressed by the energy of the students and they saw it through architecture to amplify that energy. One of the features that they’ve used architecturally, is to provide lots of glass walls. The glass walls…

By Stanley Isaacs January 24, 2020 0