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Teachers Unions vs. Students

Shortly after taking office, President Barack Obama’s secretary of education, Arne Duncan, acknowledged that America’s public school system is broken. “It’s obvious the system’s broken,” he said. “Let’s admit it’s broken, let’s admit it’s dysfunctional, and let’s do something dramatically different, and let’s do it now. Let’s fix the thing.” Why are America’s public schools…

By Stanley Isaacs October 18, 2019 100

What is the University Diversity Scam?

Are colleges across America rife with racism, sexism, and homophobia? If you answer, “No, that’s absurd,” you probably have a fair amount of common sense. If you answer, yes, you are probably a college administrator. Wait, you might ask, college administrators accuse their own schools of being racist, sexist and homophobic? How does that make…

By Stanley Isaacs October 12, 2019 100

What Every Graduate Should Know

My dear college graduates. You have hopefully acquired a great deal of knowledge here over these past years. But in life, knowledge is considerably less important than wisdom. Here then are five ideas for your life. 1. The greatest struggle in your life should not be — and, in fact, is not — with society.…

By Stanley Isaacs October 12, 2019 100