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Looking for Alaska at My High School

Good morning, Hank, it’s Wednesday, and my day went like this. I got up at 5:30 a.m. because apparently babies don’t know about time zones and Birmingham is one hour behind Indianapolis, even though longitudinally, they are basically indistinguishable from one another, which is the kind of thing that really annoys me at 5:30 in…

By Stanley Isaacs January 11, 2020 100

Your School Lunch in 1996

– [Narrator] It’s April, 1996, and it’s time for lunch. (upbeat music) Bill Clinton is the president, Celine Dion’s “Because You Love Me” is on its fifth week at number one on the Billboards, and “Tremors 2” is currently in theaters. (school bell rings) The bell just rang, and lunchtime, for you, might have looked…

By Stanley Isaacs December 4, 2019 100


(So , How are you people) school time is the best time of life, in school itself u get to know you have no capacity/capability you make friends in school which are of no use to you. friends which know nothing other than making tornado in bottle. you will say this first time only in…

By Stanley Isaacs November 27, 2019 100