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Welcome to Utah State University

{music} {music} {music} {music} {music} I came to Utah State, the biggest reason I stepped foot on campus and I kind of walked around, met some people, some of the faculty, some of the students, and honestly they biggest thing for me was everyone was so friendly, such a welcoming place. I think over time…

By Stanley Isaacs November 10, 2019 2

Graduation 2019 Recap

[ Music ]>>I’m the first in my family to go to college; to get this opportunity, and so I feel really blessed and thankful. [ Music ]>>There’s a mixture of feelings, but I would say happy, anxious, and extremely proud. [ Music and Cheers ]>>Feeling good. You know, it’s — took me a little while…

By Stanley Isaacs November 7, 2019 0

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Change lives. Change organizations. Change the World. When we say change lives, change organizations and change the world, we really mean it. Stanford GSB equips students to do that. You first have to start by changing yourself. Students are naturally encouraged to innovate. We tend to attract students, we tend to attract faculty who are…

By Stanley Isaacs October 28, 2019 0