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Harvey’s Hundreds: A Dream Come True

(squealing) – Steve, I always wanted to meet you! – Girl, you here! – Wow! – Where you from? – Why, Memphis, Tennessee! (audience cheering) Memphis, Tennessee! (audience cheers) Yeah, honey! – All right, you wanna win some money? – [Contestant] I do. – Well, come on, this is how it works. – Yes, yes,…

By Stanley Isaacs August 19, 2019 27

College Rankings Overrated?

i want to start off with a student submissions aisle of the students admissions and we got one from edwin oman it was actually an intern here begin delivering care at abbey young turks and he decided to share a story with us that i think is really important okay because there’s an important message…

By Stanley Isaacs August 14, 2019 99

Why McDonald’s Flopped In Vietnam

Fast-food restaurants dominate markets all over the world Burger King has more than 16,000 locations in over 100 nations And McDonald’s has over 36,000 There’s one in a decommissioned airplane in New Zealand And there’s even one in Vatican City Fast food is a more than half a trillion a year business But there is…

By Stanley Isaacs August 14, 2019 100