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Microsoft Education: Every Student Has a Voice

[MUSIC]>>We are all teachers. [MUSIC]>>We are all learners.>>We each learn in our own way.>>We’re designing an acid rain shield for Taj Mahal.>>We’re working on the science and archaeology behind Pompeii. [MUSIC]>>We are working on how we can save water and it was really cool.>>We are surgeons and climate scientists.>>We are architects and artists.>>We are anything…

By Stanley Isaacs November 25, 2019 2

Saving teachers time with Office 365

once there was a teacher who wanted her students to learn but the demands in her time kept growing and growing in the beginning she was overwhelmed by lesson plans grading schedules and textbooks with so many students and five classes a day the clock was always ticking away until one day she discovered office…

By Stanley Isaacs November 20, 2019 5