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Online MSc Machine Learning

We’re really excited to announce that Imperial College London in partnership with Coursera are going to be developing a fully online MSc in Machine Learning and Data Science. There is a massive skills gap in the Machine Learning and Data Science space, and I think this is one that’s increasingly growing. I’m incredibly excited about…

By Stanley Isaacs February 17, 2020 0

Graduation 2018 highlights

I think my favorite memory was definitely Dialogues of the Carmélites which was the opera we did last year. We were all nuns in Carmélites I was just gonna say Carmélites! Yeah being nuns together, that was fun. It was so huge but the team that worked on it was so incredible, we all worked…

By Stanley Isaacs February 6, 2020 0

Our Distance Learning MBA

I knew I wanted to do something, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. So I started looking around at different courses, modules. And the MBA really stands out because it covers a broad spectrum of subjects. There’s not one kind of specialism. It is business. It’s how to do business, it’s leadership…

By Stanley Isaacs January 18, 2020 0