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Video: Can I Get Into the Ivy League?

Setting expectations was a huge benefit of having Mark around. Because I think you really need an outsider, not your parents, not your English teacher, not your friends, you need an outsider like Mark to say hey you can get into these schools no problem, these schools they’re harder, if you work with me you…

By Stanley Isaacs January 31, 2020 0

‘YouTuber’ ranks 3rd on top 10 dream jobs for elementary school students, “athlete” tops the list

student’s shop references often indicate what’s trending among their age group this year it’s no different with content creator coming in third among elementary school students after making his first entry on that list last year Eagleman tells us more a recent survey shows this year’s hottest trend among elementary school students was the mobile…

By Stanley Isaacs December 14, 2019 0