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19-20 IMMS Learning Walk Video

[Cheering] This year we thought it was important for us to build with purpose for the future. We understand that before any edifice, any building, any dreams, or visions can be built you have to lay a foundation. So at the very beginning of the year that’s exactly what we did. we refined our vision,…

By Stanley Isaacs March 13, 2020 0

Closing the gap between E-Learning and Mixed Reality: CoVince Multidimensional Learning

Welcome to the world of adventurous learning… E-learning is becoming increasingly popular. we are learning more and more through e-learning. We gain knowledge… and we test our knowledge. But learning is the most effective…. by doing! That’s why CoVince adds a number of new dimensions to learning… such as… practicing in a simulated environment… where…

By Stanley Isaacs March 11, 2020 0

Charting the Course to Graduation

Dear Clippers: The Falmouth Public Schools is actively shaping the modern learning culture to elevate teaching and learning for all students. This awesome and essential work will be measured by our Vision of a Graduate, which our Instructional Leadership Team has come to aptly refer to as Charting the Course to Graduation. And, as the…

By Stanley Isaacs March 10, 2020 0