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Learning Arabic (67) Hobbies | تعلم العربية – الهوايات 5

Al dammah sign Al fatha sign Al kasrah sign the book the book (Al dammah) Noun -Nominative -sign(Al dammah) the book( Al fatha) Noun-Accusative sign(Al fatha) the book(Al fatha) Noun-Genetive sign(Al kasrah ) read read(Al dammah) The Imperfect Tense-Nominative -sign(Al dammah) read(Al fatha) The Imperfect Tense-Accusative sign(Al fatha) studying reading writting sleeping working waitting The…

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Teacher Language – Reinforcing Language Excerpts

Reinforcing Language names and affirms children’s positive behaviors. Recognizing that children build on their strengths, teachers use reinforcing language to help children know exactly what they are doing well, and to help them grow, academically and socially. Teacher: Alice? How did it go? Did you get buttoned? Who did it? Student: Me. 2nd Student: And…

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Learning Arabic (65) Hobbies | تعلم العربية – الهوايات 3

Indian stamp French stamp Arabic font Arab clothes Arabic newspaper Saudi plane Scientific book House-keeping Chinese food Arabic food Described The Adjective male male feminine feminine suite suite House keeping Housekeeping suite Aviation Flight suite Books Book suite Clothing The suite of clothes Stamps Collecting Stamp Collecting Suite Line Line Suite the press Press Suite…

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