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Double Teens React Graduation (Vlog)

– (Tori) Hello! Where are your pants? Dionte, please! Dionte, there’s kids in here. What were you thinking? All right, y’all, so it’s Friday, which means it is my favorite day. It is Fortnite Friday. Today, I thought I’d show you guys how I set up the Twitch stream over here. So let’s run through…

By Stanley Isaacs January 30, 2020 0

TWO Graduations And A FREAKING SNAKE!!!

– (Jack) You guys can, you know… – (Michelle) Huh? – (Jack) …open your eyes now. – Oh, fun. – (giggles) Hi. Heeheeheeheehee, hahahahaha! Heeheeheehee. Oh-ho-ho-ho! Oh-ho-ho-ho! (breathes rapidly) Oh! – (Celeste) Jack… – Cash money. – (Celeste) What is it for? – Cash rules everything around me, dollar, dollar bills, y’all. It’s for the…

By Stanley Isaacs January 18, 2020 100

Teens React Graduation!!!

– You’re not just gonna dump it on my lap, are ya? – (Ethan) No, no, no. We couldn’t if we tried. This is rather large. – (Gus) Oh. (hooves clicking) I think I hear hooves? (chuckles) – (Ethan) That you do. – This sounds like a big thing. Is it by me? I can…

By Stanley Isaacs January 15, 2020 100