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What does the future hold for RIT graduates?

>>(MUSIC) [Melody Kelly]: I was in new media interactive development and in August I’m going to start at Apple as a Javascript engineer.>>[Nathaniel Matthews: I studied computational mathematics and I’m going to school in Boulder, Colorado for my Ph.D. after this.>>[Molly Pressman]: I studied mechanical engineering and I’m taking a job in a small manufacturing…

By Stanley Isaacs January 3, 2020 0

Are teachers underpaid? | reTHINK TANK

We hear all the time that public school teachers are severely underpaid. It’s a claim often made during teacher pay disputes, and not to mention a hot topic during presidential campaigns. But where exactly do these claims come from? Are public school teachers truly underpaid? Each year, the Economic Policy Institute produces annual reports on…

By Stanley Isaacs December 18, 2019 20