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UCLan Winter Graduation 2018 – Kish, Dentistry

Hi my name is Kish, I’ve just graduated from Dentistry at UCLan. My favourite thing about the dentistry course has been having all the technology to experience everything; we’ve got all the different phantom heads, everything’s available, and treating patients as well – we’re sent to different places to treat patients so it’s been really…

By Stanley Isaacs December 5, 2019 1


SCHOOL MORNING ROUTINE [alarm beeping] [alarm beeping] [gasps] 3– 8:20. Oh my gosh! I’m so late. Ronald, what are you doing? It’s 8:30. What? No! WEEKEND! MORNING ROUTINE It’s a weekend. It’s a weekend! Why am I sleeping for so long? Yay! New weekend! SCHOOL MORNING ROUTINE Actually, it’s fine. Actually, I don’t need makeup.…

By Stanley Isaacs November 30, 2019 0