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DCU International Office & Students

Dublin City University is hightly regarded and is ranked in the top 4% of universitys, worldwide. We insure that our students are equipped to be successful in the workplace and in society and we’re constantly improving the quality of our degree programmes I choose DCU because i always wanted to go to Ireland and I…

By Stanley Isaacs January 13, 2020 0

Top 10 Universities in the USA [2020]

Are you looking to study in the United States, but don’t know which universities to look at? Would you rather that we save you time and tell you which ones are the best? Hi, I’m Corrie with EssayPro.com, and our expert writers prepared a list of the most recommended universities for all international students. Flying…

By Stanley Isaacs December 28, 2019 3

[Confederation College] At Graduation: Where are International Students Going? (ENG Subs)

I’m from India From Russia Vietnam South Korea From China Vietnam From Milan, Italy I’m from East Africa, Uganda. Film Production Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technologist Culinary Business Marketing Human Resource Management I would really highly recommend Confederation College and the quality if somebody wanted to study here. I like the college for constant support. The…

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