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What’s it like being an International student at Newcastle University?

– When I went for registration I knew that I’d made that’s right choice. (empowering music) Hi, my name is Aparna Bull and I’m studying Cross Culture Communication and International Relations. I’m studying at Newcastle University. I moved here last September. (empowering music) Being an international student at Newcastle was almost like coming home, Because…

By Stanley Isaacs September 19, 2019 1

Slovakia – International Student

Better to turn into Italian, right? So, I’m Caroline Mokrohajska and I come from the Slovak Republic. I chose to study at the University of Bologna, Humanities, because I want to enrich myself from the inside, because I like reading because I like Italian culture and history, but also because I want to explore. I…

By Stanley Isaacs September 15, 2019 0

India – International Student

[English version at minute 01:37] Hi everybody, I am Satya Prakash from New Delhi, India. I completed my Bachelor in India, now I went to Italy for a Master course. Why I have chosen Master course in Italy? Because Italy is very economic in terms of study, it is one of the oldest universities in…

By Stanley Isaacs September 13, 2019 0