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Online MSc Machine Learning

We’re really excited to announce that Imperial College London in partnership with Coursera are going to be developing a fully online MSc in Machine Learning and Data Science. There is a massive skills gap in the Machine Learning and Data Science space, and I think this is one that’s increasingly growing. I’m incredibly excited about…

By Stanley Isaacs February 17, 2020 0

Meet the graduating MSc class of 2019

I’m Philippe van der Beck, I studied the MSc Finance. My name is Christiane Venga, MSc Management. I’m Edoardo Bizzarri, Innovation Entrepreneurship & Management. Hello my name is Jonathan Fielding, Investment & Wealth Management. I am Shuxian Rao, Business Analytics programme. I was enjoying my summer in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. I was still working…

By Stanley Isaacs January 31, 2020 0

What is Imperial College London

– To me Imperial is an amazing, international and diverse hub of educational excellence at a great location in London. – Imperial encourages you and challenges you to give the best of yourself while at the same time allowing you to make lifetime friendships. – Imperial to me is a community to find out who…

By Stanley Isaacs August 26, 2019 0