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WIU Fall 2019 Graduation Message

Congratulations to our Fall 2019 graduates! We know you’re going to do great things and we’re so proud of you. We wish you much happiness and great success in your future endeavors. Even though you’re walking out our doors, remember once a Leatherneck, always a Leatherneck! Congratulations!

By Stanley Isaacs December 15, 2019 0

myday student portal introduction video

There’s a change taking place in student’s academic days. With scattered systems for them to find and log into, it’s becoming a barrier to smart and effective learning. Looking for a better way? Welcome to myday, the student portal by Collabco. In collaboration with leading academics sites we can bring you the best learning solution…

By Stanley Isaacs December 11, 2019 0

Meet Graphic Design student Jershon Moodie

(funky music) Hi, I’m Jershon Moodie, I’m a graphic design student, and I’m born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I always liked art and drawing when I was younger, and just in high school, the one course that gravitated towards me was combined communication design course. It was a mix of graphic design and videography,…

By Stanley Isaacs December 8, 2019 0