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In Search of Sanity

— Partnerships with Planned Parenthood, ‘queering’ the Bible, and segregation on campus? We’re counting down some of the most insane efforts of indoctrination on college campuses as we search for sanity that could save the next generation of Americans. Five: North Dakota State University paid over 165 thousand dollars to Planned Parenthood during the year…

By Stanley Isaacs August 21, 2019 100

Sheryl Sandberg Gives UC Berkeley Commencement Keynote Speech

(audience applause) – Thank you, Marie. And thank you esteemed members of the faculty, proud parents, devoted friends, squirming siblings, congratulations to all of you. But especially, congratulations to the magnificent Berkeley Class of 2016. (woman screams) (audience applause) It’s my privilege to be here at Berkeley, which has produced so many Nobel Prize winners,…

By Stanley Isaacs August 21, 2019 100