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– Class, we’re gonna try something a little bit different today. No books, no homework– just ideas. O Captain! My Captain! (student screams) (desk bangs) – Awesome. – (narrator) Every teacher ever. – Mr. Berke, can I please go to the bathroom? – I dunno, CAN you? – Fine. May I go? – I don’t…

By Stanley Isaacs November 21, 2019 100

Who I Was in High School

Gooood morning Hank, it’s Tuesday. So, we’re undergoing a pretty significant office reorganization project, and along the way I found a lot of documents from my past like, uh, this old picture of me. Good news, little me. Your braces are going to come off! In six more years. I also found this somewhat newer…

By Stanley Isaacs November 19, 2019 100