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A School’s Incredible Gift

At Spain Elementary School in Detroit, their technology didn’t work, kids were wearing coats in class because they didn’t have heat, and their gym was completely shut down. We surprised Spain Elementary Middle School and thanks to Lowe’s we donated $500,000 towards new technology.>>[APPLAUSE].>>And a brand new gym.>>[APPLAUSE] >>That was fun. After months of work,…

By Stanley Isaacs December 12, 2019 0

Teacher tips 2: Practical strategies

There are some practical and very simple things that teachers can do to help the child with SLI in the classroom It’s really important to create an environment where asking for help is seen as a positive thing and to really encourage the children and praise them when they do seek help when they’re not…

By Stanley Isaacs December 8, 2019 0

How to Study for Your Learning Style

HACC Tutoring presents, “How to Study forYour Learning Style”! Alright, you’ve got a big test coming up— what are you gonna do? How will you study for it? Some students think that there’s one magical technique that will help everyone learn, but that is NOT the case. Sure, one strategy might work well for some,…

By Stanley Isaacs December 3, 2019 0