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Student Athlete: The Graduates

In the real world you can’t just scream and everybody think it’s normal, and when you get on the tennis court, you can just be like: (screams) I’m really soft-spoken, but on the lanes, you know, someone’s like oh we actually can hear Kris. The way that we run and compete best is just when…

By Stanley Isaacs January 27, 2020 0

SJC Long Island 2019 Graduation

It’s nervous, but exciting nerves. Definitely feel better now that I’m with friends, and I’ve got my family, so that helps calm the nerves. It’s a new chapter of our lives we get to start and really move forward. There’s a bunch of nerves. But happy nerves too. Exactly. There’s tears, but happy tears. Just…

By Stanley Isaacs January 26, 2020 0