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A Graduation Story

[Birds chirping.] [The Student Tower’s bell begins to ring.] [Bittersweet, wistful acoustic music begins playing.] [Water splashing, overlayed by the music.] Lyrics: “Eyes alive like stars, flying down the boulevard.” “You’re making up your mind,” “and you’re stitching up your heart.” “We’ll meet you where the tide meets the wind.” “We’ll meet you where the…

By Stanley Isaacs October 18, 2019 0

Best HS Graduation Speech Ever! Weber High Graduation 2015

You know, I’ve never understood how, um, imagining the audience naked was supposed to make you less nervous. Honestly I’m just uncomfortable right now. Especially with Mr. Wardle. Um, okay. To ensure clear communication with this “social media generation”, hashtags and pop-culture references will be used. #you’rewelcome. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Today is an…

By Stanley Isaacs September 11, 2019 100