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– Class, we’re gonna try something a little bit different today. No books, no homework– just ideas. O Captain! My Captain! (student screams) (desk bangs) – Awesome. – (narrator) Every teacher ever. – Mr. Berke, can I please go to the bathroom? – I dunno, CAN you? – Fine. May I go? – I don’t…

By Stanley Isaacs November 21, 2019 100

“Don’t Lose Your Accent / Learning Accents” – TREVOR NOAH (Pay Back The Funny)

The newspapers say that, he’s famous. So now people treat you like you’re famous, they say the weirdest things to you. Strangest thing people would say to me, “Trevor! Trevor!” “Well-done on everything hey. Congrats! Congrats!” “But, even though you are going to America” “Don’t forget us alright? Don’t you forget us.” Like, “I don’t…

By Stanley Isaacs November 19, 2019 100

Key & Peele – TeachingCenter

(male announcer) Teaching Center is brought to you by BMW. The ultimate driving machine. [upbeat rock music] ♪ ♪ Hello and welcome to Teaching Center. I’m Boyd Maxwell, with today’s top stories from the exciting world of teaching. And I’m Perry Schmidt. Well, now we know. The long awaited announcement by star English teacher Ruby…

By Stanley Isaacs November 19, 2019 100