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Buying Clothes

Hey man, Have you ever noticed that we wear the exact same clothes Every day? We don’t… We don’t wear any clothes What if we’re both just a cartoon character, and that’s why our clothing’s the same? That’s impossible. Cartoon characters’ mouth’s move We just open our mouths and words start coming out. *GASPS* Hey…

By Stanley Isaacs October 13, 2019 100

Kindergarten GraduationšŸŽ‰

– This is gross. (upbeat pop music) (Mom grunts) – [Mom] Where’s Caleb? (Mom gasps) There he is! (upbeat pop music) – [Jeremy] Hey, Caleb. It’s time to get up bud. It’s your kindergarten graduation today buddy. (Caleb groaning) Last day of school! (Baby sneezes) Whoa! Is it the last day of school today for…

By Stanley Isaacs October 11, 2019 0