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Glendale Community College Global Education Studies

I’m from Congo. My major is Nursing. I’m from Ethiopia. I’m majoring in Biotechnology. I’m Nigerian. I’m majoring in Aeronautic Engineering. I am from Mexico, majoring in Business and Management. I’m from Japan, majoring in Global Management. I’m from Myanmar, Pre-Pharmacy at Glendale Community College. I decided to come to GCC because there was small…

By Stanley Isaacs November 12, 2019 0

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Change lives. Change organizations. Change the World. When we say change lives, change organizations and change the world, we really mean it. Stanford GSB equips students to do that. You first have to start by changing yourself. Students are naturally encouraged to innovate. We tend to attract students, we tend to attract faculty who are…

By Stanley Isaacs October 28, 2019 0