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Affording an Independent School Education

how can I afford an independent school education? this presentation will provide you with answers to common questions about affording independent schools. hi, my name is Mindy Hildebrandt and I’m the director of enrollment management at Science and Arts Academy, an independent school serving junior kindergarten through eighth grade gifted students located in DesPlaines, Illinois.…

By Stanley Isaacs January 27, 2020 0

Why do we get Food Cravings? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Why do we get Food Cravings? Who says so? I am always on a strict diet. Oh AumSum!! Firstly, craving for chocolates is an indication of. Low levels of magnesium in our body. Secondly, we crave for cheese because. It contains an amino acid called tryptophan. Which boosts production of serotonin in…

By Stanley Isaacs January 25, 2020 0

WMU Career Fair 2017 Recruiter Stories

Well we recruit at Western because we have lots of students that participate both as paid staff or development workers and even more that participate as volunteers in KPS. We actually go into several classrooms and different departments at Western: education, social work, family consumer sciences and they actually participate as volunteers for us throughout…

By Stanley Isaacs January 18, 2020 0