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Learn Colors for Kids | Color Learning Videos for Kids | 3 Hour Color Crew Compilation | BabyFirst

(boy) LEARN AND EXPLORE WITH BABYFIRST SUBSCRIBE NOW(cheers and applause)AH! AHA! (giggles) (whistle blows) AH! AHA! HMM… BROWN! TA-DA! BROWN! (boings) AHA! (humming) BROWN! AHA! (both giggling) HE-HEY! BROWN! (both giggling) (laughs) (hums) TA-DA! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! (both giggling) AHA! (hums) TA-DA! BROWN! UNH-UNH, UNH-UNH. AHA! (whistles) (mumbles) AHA. HUH? OH. AHH. (giggles) WHOO! BROWN!…

By Stanley Isaacs December 4, 2019 100