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A Day in the Life: MIT Student

(rustling) (drumming) – Hi, my name’s Garrett Parrish, and I’m a senior at MIT studying mechanical engineering and entertainment technology. I’m also a musician, designer, an engineer, and I spend my time combining all 3 of those disciplines using technology. (drumming) I usually wake up at around 8 o’clock in the morning. Start, you know,…

By Stanley Isaacs August 20, 2019 100

Low-flow Water System Project

(Sound of water flowing) Drinking water safety is really important and making sure that in the U.S., when you open a faucet you don’t get sick from drinking the water. The US Environmental Protection Agency issued a call for proposals to help them and the building construction community and really the drinking water public health…

By Stanley Isaacs August 16, 2019 0