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How To Build A Formula Student Car

My name is Jamie Shone. I am the team leader for LU Motorsport, which is Loughborough University’s Formula Student team, and this is how we build a Formula Student car. Everything that’s designed is put into a CAD system, so we have an electronic version of the whole car. Before it will go into CAD,…

By Stanley Isaacs January 23, 2020 4

UK – University of Warwick Engineering Scholarships [140731]

Greetings everyone, thank you for joining us. We’re going to give you info about Warwick Engineering Scholarships for 2014 Entry. As populations continue to grow, the demands on infrastructure, energy, water; medicines etc. increase. Engineers are expected to respond these challenges with innovative solutions and are increasingly reliant on multidisciplinary and international cooperation to achieve…

By Stanley Isaacs December 10, 2019 2

Engineering graduate career advice

Hi. I’m Robert Nicholson. I’m a land surveyor/engineer. I work for Ridgeway Surveys Limited. 1. Why did you choose Engineering? I chose engineering because I’m interested in building the environment we all live in today. It’s good to a part of everything that’s around us, all the new projects, everything. In London especially, there’s a…

By Stanley Isaacs October 20, 2019 4