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Match vs fit vs suit

Hi, I’m Sam from BBC Learning English and today we’re going to look at the differences between to ‘match’, to ‘fit’ and to ‘suit’ when talking about clothes. To ‘match’ simply means that two things are the same or very similar – that they look good together. Your blue shirt matches your blue eyes. To…

By Stanley Isaacs January 14, 2020 21

What does ‘talk the talk’ mean?

Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me, Feifei… Neil: …and me, Neil. Feifei: In this programme, we have an expression you can use to describe someone who talks confidently about a topic, but might not actually know that much about it. Neil: Which reminds me, Feifei. Did I tell you that…

By Stanley Isaacs January 7, 2020 23