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Brain Training to Beat Procrastination with the World’s Easiest Learning Technique | Barbara Oakley

The Pomodoro technique is probably one of the most powerful techniques in all of learning. So I teach a course of learning how to learn that’s actually the world’s largest massive open online course. We have something like two million people. And the Pomodoro technique is the most popular technique; I hear from literally thousands…

By Stanley Isaacs February 18, 2020 100

Get to know Teacher Training packs

– [Narrator] Get to know Teacher Training packs. Hi and welcome to Microsoft Education’s Teacher Trainings. Raise your hand if you’re an IT admin, school administrator, curriculum coach, or a teacher who helps others develop new skills. Cool, we want to make it simple for you to deliver high-quality trainings that pair what’s happening in…

By Stanley Isaacs December 31, 2019 4

Bill Clinton on Lifelong Learning

I think the most important thing that I have learned is that there’s more to learn. That we should — that we should all be hungry for a lifetime. I mean, for example, at my next birthday I’ll be 68. All the great scientific discoveries made by all the great geniuses were largely made when…

By Stanley Isaacs December 18, 2019 83