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Online Continuing Education Courses through California State University, East Bay – VESi

(Music Starts) Introducing VESi. Online courses for educators through Cal State East Bay. Courses are easy to use and convenient. So why is VESi so awesome… let’s take a look. Look. (VESi course preview.) Narration and video aids. Anytime, anywhere. With online access. Plus. Affordable and convenient. With relevant information. Tech support available. Tablet compatible.…

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Housing Tour with Idaho State University

Welcome to Idaho’s State University Housing. Living on campus is an important part of your college experience, and the residence halls at ISU provide great opportunities and benefits you won’t find anywhere else. You will meet students from all over the world. And live in the center of the events, clubs, athletics, and other activities…

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EBHS Graduation Ceremony 1991

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International Student Information

East Tennessee State University is an accredited university located in the beautiful mountains of northeast Tennessee We know what undergraduate and graduate international students consider most important when choosing a university in the United States. You want to know does the university have the program I want and is it accredited. Is the campus, faculty,…

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